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Crossed over on EV vs Gas!

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OHM-RIDE was an executive lease and spent the first two years of it's life running around Washington DC on gas

Since I've had it there has been a steady climb in EV use with little dribs and drabs of gas use on my commute along with a few long trips.

Finally, I've made the crossover to having more EV miles than Gasoline miles.


Seriously, I didn't think that was preying on my mind all that much so I was surprised at how good it felt to see that happen. I celebrated with a couple of dunkin donuts (LOL)
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Similar situation. My 2014 had a 2-1 gas to electric miles when I bought it. I drive 90% EV but there's a lot of inertia to overcome. Might take another year to 18 months to reach parity.
Congrats, but if you think you had it bad, consider this poor guy
I guess starting at 33% EV wasn't so bad for me.
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