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Creaking in Bolt EV Steering

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We've had our Bolt going on 3 months and have had what sounds like a creaking noise coming from the front since we got it. It's audible at low speeds and appears to be related to the steering (when stopped and I turn the wheel, the noise is heard). Anyone else experiencing this?
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Lift the hood and have someone turn the wheel while you listen for the source of the creak. Pay attention to the tops of the shock towers where the shock absorbers are cushioned with rubber grommets. That might be where the noise emanates.... or it might be coming from somewhere else lower down, possibly where the tie-rod ends connect to the wheels. Or it might be something else. Sorry, if you want to nail down the source, you are going to have to do investigation of the car.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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