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Could this be the upcoming Voltec Buick?

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Buick Riviera PHEV Concept debuts in China


"It's nighttime in China, and Buick has just concluded an evening event the day before the first – and only – press day of the Shanghai Motor Show. The star of this evening's party was the Buick Riviera concept vehicle, a plug-in electric hybrid coupe that the automaker says gives a glimpse at its future design direction."

Notice the center hump that goes from the front to rear seats, just like the Volt and ELR.

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If Buick, as part of GM, is calling it a PHEV (not EREV), then it will run its engine regularly, if hard on the throttle. That's the concept being tried on the menu. Maybe someone can explain how PHEV ICE assists under heavy load, when the engine starts off stone cold? Will it cycle in 'Sport' mode, and simply deliver lower EREV performance numbers with an economy setting? The Volt already starts out idling low, to presumably warm up. So, I'm assuming that won't change.

Autoweek specifically spoke of a "50kwh" batteries costing "$40,000", as part of their favoring PHEV, over BEV, in the latest "green" issue. $800 per kwh is grossly out of step, not to mention that the appetizing 20-40kwh market with range extender is completely untested. Get the ICE/Battery ratio wrong, and EREV/BEVs or a smarter ratio will win.

Not looking for any inside info. Just wondering if tech exists to operate an ICE for performance, when cold?
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