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Costco Deal 50% off coupon

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The costco deal is pretty sweet. In addition to getting a $700 gift card, they just emailed me a 50% off coupon for accessories, parts & service from the dealer (up to $200 max discount).

Any recommendations for must-have accessories that cost $400 or less?
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Coupon is only good at the dealer where I purchased.

Spare tire: interesting idea.
How long did it take you to receive your Costco $700 card? I want to use mine for Christmas, but not sure I'll receive it in time.
I was waiting for them to call me for the final "telephone survey", but apparently you can call them instead - I did that today and they said it would be "2-4 weeks" but their website also says "up to 8 weeks".
Do dealers sell EVSEs? What's the part number for the EVSE that comes with the Gen 2 volts?
Not posting the year of your car or what accessories you already have would make this a guessing game.
2017 premier volt. Has the cargo net and stock floor mats. Not interested in the all weather mats.
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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