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Cost to Replace Main Battery?

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A couple weeks ago, while transitioning from battery to ICE on the highway, the ICE failed to come on (plenty of gas) and my 2013 Volt went into reduced power mode. Long story short, it never ran again. Dealer said total battery failure when checking all three modules. Car has 107K so Chevy refused to assist on replacement costs ($10,000). Regional service manager apparently got no joy from "Chevy HQ". Car value is now zero. Do I have any options? I love the car...
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On Friday the 5th, mine (a 2013 with 55K miles) failed to start the generator upon the battery being exhausted. I got the reduced propulsion power, and unable to charge messages. I coasted off the road about a mile from home and ended up calling for a tow to the dealer where I bought it new. The dealer loaned me a new Bolt and ended up replacing battery module/section #3 under warranty. I'm wondering if I need to trade this out before I'm stuck with another failure after 100K miles.
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