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Cost to Replace Main Battery?

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A couple weeks ago, while transitioning from battery to ICE on the highway, the ICE failed to come on (plenty of gas) and my 2013 Volt went into reduced power mode. Long story short, it never ran again. Dealer said total battery failure when checking all three modules. Car has 107K so Chevy refused to assist on replacement costs ($10,000). Regional service manager apparently got no joy from "Chevy HQ". Car value is now zero. Do I have any options? I love the car...
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You can install the battery, but the dealer needs to clear the codes. The car will not operate until that is done due to safety concerns messing with 340 Volts. So, unless you can find an independent shop that has the equipment to clear the codes you are stuck with the dealer. Given the cost to repair, I would sell the car to a salvage yard and buy another used Volt.
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