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Conti Pure Contact Eco Plus Tires

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A few weeks ago I noticed a couple of cracks in one of my OEM Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max tires on my 2012 Volt. Probably caused by my wife's poor parallel parking skills and the tire having met with a curb.

Haven't really liked the Goodyears (noisy). Rather than buying a new Goodyear to replace the damaged tire, decided to swap out all four with new Continental Pure Contact Eco Plus tires.

I've been driving around on the Contis for a few days and my takeaway is that the Contis are noticeably quieter and ride more plush than the Goodyears. Steering feel is not as good as the Goodyears but overall, pretty happy with the switch. If anyone is interested, got a great deal on (included free shipping).

Haven't seen any drop in range or MPG yet and based on Tirerack's comparison test, should be better than the Goodyears.
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In my experience, Goodyear tires live up to their name - Good(for a)year. I'm rolling up on 1 year in mine, with just over 15k miles, and I can already tell they are noisier than when new. I have a set of Goodyear Assurance TripleTread on my 2004 Vue Redline (245x50R18 - so quite a bit wider than the Volt's) and they were the same way - not bad at first for all seasons, then after a year they got hard, didn't grip as well in any weather, liked to hydroplane and slide a lot easier. I paid nearly 2x as much for the GY as for the Kumho Ecsta SPTs I had on there previously and they may keep tread longer, but at the expense of driving like crap, being noisy, and generally just awful.

I plan to start research on the next set of tires here in the next month or so and get something else on before I hit 20k miles. Hopefully the used tire shop will give me something for them. They still look nearly new, since I've taken care of them and regularly put tire dressing on them and keep my ride clean, but I can tell already the new is wearing off quickly. Almost time for them to be someone else's problem.

Quick, what do they put on the ELR? hehe
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