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Contest for building a self-driving Chevy Bolt!

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I'm actually a little surprised by this because it was my impression that GM is quite far along in it's autonomous technology, yet looking for breakthroughs from contests like this one seems to belie that notion.
I am in favor that everyone and anyone that can create a new version of the self-driving car to reach the same goals must participate. As you posted, GM/Chevrolet is still making its own, as mentioned in the article:

"Chevrolet remains hard at work devising its own solutions for autonomy. It, too, is using the Bolt EV as a platform. The Orion facility that produces the standard Bolt will also manufacture versions loaded with autonomous hardware, and the vehicles will be tested on local Michigan roads, thanks to a new law that permits such activity."

If anyone here in this forum has their own ideas, and can get funding, go for it! Eventually GM will evaluate the best and most commercial ideas, and apply it to build the first production versions for the laypersons to buy and use. The final version will be GM's standard that can apply to other EV and hybrid models, from the Cadillac CT6 Hybrid and EREV-based SUVs to the next Bolt-based EV model.

I am expecting the final models to be sold when I am too old to drive by myself in the next twenty years.

Edit: Criuse Automation is growing and looking for more employees. The salaries start at $116,000 a year!!:

GM is growing in the autonomous field. More work is needed from all sources.
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1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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