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Contest for building a self-driving Chevy Bolt!

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If it were permitted, I'd cheat and kill two birds with one stone.
Make an autonomous DRIVER instead of a car. We know that 2 eyes, 2 hands, 1 foot can control any car. The robot does not need to be a working humanoid, only a driver. It could be tested in a simulator instead of roadways, and some of the work has been done.
To date, Tesla, with all its overhyping of autonomous driving system, hasn't produce a convincing video showing its car in fully autonomous mode navigate the streets of San Francisco through congested pedestrian crossings, road repairs, double parking unlike GM's Chevy Bolt. This really confirms that Tesla is on the 12th place. Tesla's claiming override incidents per mile are the lowest, but most of its miles are superboring freeway miles! The best fully autonomous system should handle the widest number of edge cases that aren't normally assumed.
I find disturbing is the Tesla's website implying they have Autonomy in all new cars.

Folks who have been reading the Tesla owner sites, have read quite a bit this year about the AutoPilot 2 shortcomings.

But this is what is on their sales site today:
Vehicle Car Transport Personal luxury car Technology

There is video there which shows a production Tesla zipping in and around city streets flawlessly.
While that is for sale, it is not something you can actually receive at this time.

And they claim they have fixed the AutoPilot 2 as of 3/31/2017. This is the email they sent me:
Autopilot Updates
New Autopilot features arrived this week with the Tesla version 8.1 software release. Features include:
• High-speed Autosteer
• Lane Departure Warning
• Summon your car remotely
• Parallel Autopark
• Auto Lane Change
Schedule a test drive at your Tesla store to experience these exciting Autopilot features, ...
From what some owners are saying, "exciting" is an understatement for the current cars being sold if you activate the AutoPilot 2.

NOTE: I do know they are only referring to hardware, and only Beta level AP2, but they are certainly trying to mislead people who are not familiar with Tesla's progress.
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1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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