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Contest for building a self-driving Chevy Bolt!

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Ford and GM are currently the top leaders in the race to the market of cars with Autonomous Drive System, while Tesla with all its hyping and claims of 10x safety is sadly in the 12th place.
Edit: Cruise Automation is growing and looking for more employees. The salaries start at $116,000 a year!!:

GM is growing in the autonomous field. More work is needed from all sources.

They need to pay me a little over $250,000/year to incentivize me away from my current business, else, am sorry, can't join your team!
That whole article reeks of biased news. A large part of their "factor" is how many vehicles they could produce with self driving cars... of course Ford and GM can mass produce more cars than Tesla.. smh
To date, Tesla, with all its overhyping of autonomous driving system, hasn't produce a convincing video showing its car in fully autonomous mode navigate the streets of San Francisco through congested pedestrian crossings, road repairs, double parking unlike GM's Chevy Bolt. This really confirms that Tesla is on the 12th place. Tesla's claiming override incidents per mile are the lowest, but most of its miles are superboring freeway miles! The best fully autonomous system should handle the widest number of edge cases that aren't normally assumed.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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