Well hot-diggity, look who's offering its endorsement for the Chevrolet Volt.

Last April Consumer Reports made waves when it said the Volt “doesn’t really make a lot of sense,” and it is "an expensive way to be green," but in in the months since its editors have shifted their opinion.

“We now recommend the Volt plug-in hybrid after new data from our 2011 Annual Auto Survey shows it earned much better than average reliability,” the magazine says in its November issue.

After tallying results from 116 Volt respondents, Consumer Reports found very few of them had any serious problems with the car, which helped qualify it for CR’s “recommended” list.

The Volt has been said to be a new revolution in the making.

“To be recommended a vehicle must do well in our testing, have average or better reliability, and perform adequately in independent safety tests (if included),” Consumer Reports said.

And to be sure, safety tests as independent as they come by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety and federal government both found the Volt to exceed expectations.

This said, Consumer Reports is still not exactly gushing with unreserved praise, and nitpicks the Volt where it can. Things it did not like included the infotainment interface, rear seat room and outward visibility for the driver.

Things it did like were “quick and quiet acceleration, very low running costs, and the equivalent of 99 mpg overall.”

In the handling department, CR's test editors noted, “The Volt’s more enjoyable to drive than a Toyota Prius.”

But we already knew that, didn’t we?

We could go on, but we know most of you are probably already aware of this news, and the CR video and links give plenty of information as well.

We will add that this story was brought to our attention yesterday by an e-mail from Volt Line Director Tony Posawatz.

He did not offer comment but obviously Chevrolet is sure it has a winner, and is likely satisfied that the recommendation from the ostensibly objective Consumer Reports – a powerful brand in its own right – will hold clout with some people.

We've now lost count how many accolades the Volt has received, but this is one more to add to the list.

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