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Ah that makes sense thank you obermd....... so I am curious, what is the MAX kwh that comes from regeneration back to the battery? I mean, I see -25 to -35 when actively braking. How much of that is actually restored to battery? 3.6kw in a given hour and obviously we don't brake for a whole hour so instant regeneration only restores very little if any energy back, correct?
I might be misreading, but it looks like you're saying the charger limits regen, but regen charges the battery using the electric motor and not the charger.

If you are high up a mountain with an empty battery you can "charge" much more than 3.6 kWh in an hour regenerating to the bottom.

On the flat during normal driving, regen doesn't amount to much at all. I do still like it on long declines (shift to L and set cruise control to maintain set speed).
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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