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Complete front grille part number

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Hi I'm in Australia and have a Holden Volt

I want to put the Chevy front grille in, same thing but we have a different badge and the silver panels have a different shape around the badge, ours are more rounded as the Holden badge is round

I've found a part number but don't want to order as I don't know if it's the complete thing, or if it's missing the silver upper and lower panel if you know what I'm talking about

Any leads much appreciated thanks

Part number I'm looking at
22865818 for the complete upper grille?

22865819 For the badge

And dealers here are a waste of time, with just 244 volts ever sold here most don't even bother and just say can't help..
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Looks right. Do you have the part number to your Holden grill? I would say let's swap, but I'm sure shipping wouldn't make it worth while.
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