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Hi guys

I haven't posted in awhile, had to get a new login. Formerly chewy.

My 2011 volt has 110k miles. Had been pretty reliable in the past couple years.

However, it got stuck in the "initializing" screen then would not move once the main screen opened.

Vehicle Car Multimedia

Could shift into R or D but the car only rolled.

Tried detaching 12v and jumping w a higher voltage battery, to no avail

Towed to Chevy. Dublin Chevy had not seen this problem but they called GM and had to unplug some stuff and that there was a problem communicating with the relay center

GM rec replacing this, at $2k w labor

These are the DTC codes

Text Pink Font Magenta Handwriting

1. Does anyone know what the relay center is?

2. Car is running now, should I wait or replace?

3. Are there any independent garages that could do this? Or am I stuck w Chevy

Unfortunately, all the electronics may be catching up w me. This was car #249.

4. Are people w lots of miles, and out of warranty, finding the car expensive to maintain?

Thanks for info

Berkeley CA
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