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Columnist wildly speculates Toyota making EV.

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Douglas A. McIntyre wildly speculates that Toyota is developing an EV, based on Toyota developing Li Ion production capacity:


First, he makes the illogical leap that Toyota is developing an EV based on Li Ion production capacity, then makes the unsubstantiated claim that Detroit's automakers are wondering how Toyota got out of the box faster than them. Typical media hyping an overseas competitor over domestic automakers, but this is completely without any basis in reality.

GM's Volt is an EV with a range extender. If GM decided that the market was clamoring for a BEV, they would dump the range extender, and add pure EV range by enlarging the battery pack, so even if Toyota was developing an EV, GM would be able to respond instantly, but only if the market wanted it.

What the author won't admit, is that the Prius is just an electric assist ICE vehicle, from which Toyota cannot develop an EV, so they must start from scratch. Toyota is WAY behind GM in EV / REEV development.
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Toyota doesn't even have announced BEV plans. These batteries are for hybrids.
Oh, and besides the Rav4 Toyota also made this all-electric city car.
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