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Cold Weather equals Broken 2012 Volt?

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Hello all,

Woke up this morning to 23 degree weather and went to start the 12' volt (it was plugged in all night and has a full battery) and got the check engine light...

From what I have read, this has to do with low battery fluid level. I checked this and it looks fine to me, not full but, close-ish. So that would leave the other possibility of a bad sensor or wiring... else some have suggested reprogramming/updating the car with software... (im trying to go this route and waiting for the part to come in)

I cleared the errors and tried starting the car again... didnt get a check engine light but the HV battery is still grayed out and it went straight into ICE mode...

Question is... am I going about this right and given that it was so cold out, would it be wishful thinking that the error will go away when it warms up?

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As others mentioned above, my understanding was that once the SHVCS warning gets triggered, the error "laches" and EVSE charging is locked out (amber light only) until the car is reprogrammed to unlatch the codes.
Are you able to charge with your EVSE?
I have the same errors and (so far) have not been able to charge with the EVSE. Just wondering if your experience might offer a sliver of hope?
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