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Cold Weather equals Broken 2012 Volt?

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Hello all,

Woke up this morning to 23 degree weather and went to start the 12' volt (it was plugged in all night and has a full battery) and got the check engine light...

From what I have read, this has to do with low battery fluid level. I checked this and it looks fine to me, not full but, close-ish. So that would leave the other possibility of a bad sensor or wiring... else some have suggested reprogramming/updating the car with software... (im trying to go this route and waiting for the part to come in)

I cleared the errors and tried starting the car again... didnt get a check engine light but the HV battery is still grayed out and it went straight into ICE mode...

Question is... am I going about this right and given that it was so cold out, would it be wishful thinking that the error will go away when it warms up?

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Not all SHVCS codes latch, or come on instantly. P0AFA (low voltage in HV pack) latches and happens with a single event. P0AA6 (loss of isolation in HV pack) takes five consecutive readings showing low resistance where there should be high and clears with a single OFF/ON cycle if the resistance comes back up.
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