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Codes (trying to help a friend)

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Friend has a 2012 Volt that was not charging...She took to dealership and has been repaired. Seems like this should be covered under the Voltec warranty. She called GM and they called the dealership. Dealership stated this was more of an electrical problem so she was charged.

Any help would be appreciated. Below are actual words on ticket.

Codes P1E00, POAA6, P1FFF, and B3205 checked for loss of coolant pulled battery drain plug, no coolant loss, all full , checked to find buttlin DOC#4838351 for updated calibration on HPCM and EBEC
Tech: 14 -CL
Programed HPCM-2 Programmed EBEC programmed ECM C learned codes and test drove

She was charged $245 for this. Should this be covered under the Voltec Warranty she has 78k miles? Thanks in advance.
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FYI, GM seems to be no longer wanting to cover this under warranty. The internal info my service rep sent me from Keyes Chevrolet shows Labor Op 5021400 and 5430940 Not clearly covered by the Voltec Warranty even though in the PI0961B Bulletin it is CLEAR. They are seemingly changing the warranty post purchase. I have escalated my claim.
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