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I have been looking at new cars lately, and my decision maker / breaker on a small car has been furl efficiency.

The Aveo gets very poor mpg for its size / class.
The Yaris has been getting over 40 real-world-mpg reported from owners everywhere.

To contrast that, Aveo owners has been complaining of less than expected mpg

I am trying to kick GM whiley are down - but MPG alone is a major selling point. Bring out a 40-45 mpg Aveo and I would have bought one already.

Do I care if the Yaris has better build quality? No. That's what I have a warranty for.

I want GM to succeed. I want America to be the king of the Auto once again.

I am rooting for gm!

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Be careful judging a car on winter mileage data from Canada. Unless of course, you live in Canada! :)

The Aveo mileage doesn't look good to me either, but winter driving and gas blends can play havoc with mileage.

I have tracked my mileage on my 2003 pontiac grand am since it was new. The data is a sine wave, 30mpg in the summer, 24-25mpg in the winter. Every year. That's a big percentage change.

Make sure the Yaris mileage data is from Canada in the winter also if you want to compare.
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