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The reviewer states "the Prius Prime is better at being a Prius and worse at being a car."

The extra 300lbs of batteries are located above and between the rear wheels, not the best place for it. This extra weight affects cornering and is noticeable when accelerating or going up hill.

Rear storage is significantly compromised by the higher load floor due to the batteries.

The large vertically oriented infotainment screen shows glare and washes out in sunlight. The reviewer states the user experience with the screen and menus was the worst part of driving the Prius Prime.

The Prius Prime defaults to beeping all sorts of driver warnings and alerts including when you shift into reverse. Really? Most warning beeps can be turned off if you dig down into the settings menu.

The reviewer appreciated the flexibility of the driver being able to decide whether or not to use the all-electric range (25 miles) or switch to hybrid mode and use the battery range at a later part of the trip. Over a week the Prius Prime returned 80 to 90 mpg overall compared to 54 mpg for the standard Prius hybrid.

The reviewer praised the adaptive cruise feature but the parallel parking assist scrubbed a wheel against the curb the first time parking assist was used.

The Prius Prime is much more efficient than a standard Prius but the reviewer (an admitted fan of the current generation Prius) found the Prius Prime harder to live with as a car on a daily basis. The compromises and minor frustrations include storage, handling, performance and the touch screen interface.
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