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CNET Roadshow 2017 Chevrolet Bolt Review

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CNET's reviewer wrote "The 2017 Chevrolet Bolt is an extraordinary EV built for ordinary people with class-leading range that nearly eliminates range anxiety and a price tag that most people should be able to afford." They also called the Bolt the best EV you can buy this side of Tesla.

The CNET reviewer like the way the Bolt accelerated out of a corner without a transmission having to hunt for the correct gear. The Bolt's range eliminated most of their range anxiety. They also praised the electronic rear view mirror display.

Rants included: lack of ACC, the poor quality of the standard backup camera (first time I have read this complaint) and lack of a Navigation system to guide you to public recharging stations when you are driving in unfamiliar territory.

There is also a video review of the Bolt's MyLink system and the available driver assist technology:
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Backup camera looked great to me. Better than my Volt's.

Built-in nav is nice, but connected phones for displaying maps on the dash are the future. Always current, no need to pay $250 for an update.
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