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CNBC: Semi and new Roadster may lead Tesla into a figurative car wreck

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Who wants to place bets on how long until Tesla taps the markets yet again for another capital raise? The cash incineration engine is hungry! #WorldsBiggestKickstarter
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Another Henry J. Kaiser story, maybe?
What is the Henry J Kaiser story you are thinking of? That he floundered in the automobile business with Kaiser Motors? I grew up in the SF East Bay area, so am familiar with all the various Kaiser enterprises plus their in-house employee healthcare system that now, in its public form, is considered THE model for health care going forward. If we are lucky and he changes his ways and actually makes money, Musk's legacy might be looked at as another H J Kaiser. Except Kaiser pioneered building whole SHIPS in mass-production and delivered them ahead-of-time and on-budget. Musk is kind of struggling with that part. OK - Musk and Kaiser do share one thing with their mass-production processes - they both had some welding problems...:)
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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