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Clunking/ticking noise from left front when turning left at low speed

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Hi, I've had my 2017 Volt in three times now (two different dealers) for this issue and they have not been able to fix. Issue happens when I'm turning left at low speed, like leaving my parking garage at work or at a sharp downhill left at the bottom of my street. Sounds like a bad CV joint, but seems not to happen under power, but when coasting. It's especially loud when there is less weight on the left wheel (car is leaning right and the road goes downhill).
The car drives ok, but the sound is obvious and bad. I've had different friends in the car say "what is that" which means a prospective buyer would ask the same thing.
So far the dealers have "re-torqued the suspension" twice and replaced the left sway bar link. None of that has made a difference.
Any ideas or suggestions of where to go next?
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Yep, even a cheap knockoff action camera off Amazon would be fine. Another good suggestion: test in a multi level parking garage. Smoother ground and quieter environment to hear the sound (no road traffic).
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