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Clicking noise in front end - FIXED

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I had been developing a bad case of a low speed clicking noise in the front end when stopping and starting. Searching the forum turned up a few owners with similar noise, but the causes seemed to be varied.

It finally got so bad that I took it to the dealer - first problem trip to dealer in three years. Service tech found a bad right side axle shaft. I'm puzzled as to how a shaft alone could make such a noise, as I was expecting it to be a bearing or CV joint problem. Took a couple days to get the parts, but dealer gave me a loaner so I was pretty pleased. Now my 2013 drives quieter than ever.

Has anyone else had to have an axle shaft replaced?
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yes. I was having a "tick/tock" sound, GM replaced the axle. (I'm presuming that included the CV joint as well)
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