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2014 Gen1 with clicking problem. I re-torqued 3 months ago, silenced the problem but got the updated parts anyhow. I just did the nut/washer update on one side yesterday.

The topmost hub bolt is a PITA to get to. It helps to turn the steering wheel to allow access (NOTE! you do not need to turn on the car to do this and doing so will likely expand your brake caliper piston, making it impossible to put back over the rotor).

Only a few tools are required, 3/8" ratchet with 10mm (hub wheel speed sensor) and T30 (rotor retention) and medium extension. 1/2" ratchet with 21mm (caliper bracket bolts), 18mm (hub retention bolts) and various extensions. A wobble extension could have helped, perhaps. Bungee cords to hold up caliper while it is off. And of course 32 and 36mm axle nut sockets and a torque wrench capable of 185 ft-lbs of torque. To do it right you also need a smaller torque wrench to get the caliper bracket and hub bolts correct.

I may just leave the other one stock and compare the "permanent fix" to "just re-torque when you hear clicking" methodologies.

Anyhow, here is a picture of old (right) and new (left) hardware. The old, broken washer fell out as I pulled the hub assembly away from the axle.



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