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CleanTechnica hasn't reported any (positive) BOLT reviews

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CleanTechnica will report the slightest bit of good news about tesla cars, but has said nothing about the positive Bolt reviews from Consumer Reports, Car and Driver, Motor Trend or Forbes.
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What do you expect from a site with a TSLA ticker in the header? :)

If asked to rank brand agnosticism in the EV blogosphere, I would put them in order as follows from most neutral to least:

Hybrid Cars / Green Car Reports (tie)
Inside EVs
Electrek (a.k.a. Tesla's Pravda)

But even Electrek can surprise me sometimes. Fred Lambert was, after all, the first to challenge CleanTechnica on the "3 month delay" story. CleanTechnica has promoted a couple of my posts, so they get points for that.

I read them all to get a balanced view.
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