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CleanTechnica hasn't reported any (positive) BOLT reviews

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CleanTechnica will report the slightest bit of good news about tesla cars, but has said nothing about the positive Bolt reviews from Consumer Reports, Car and Driver, Motor Trend or Forbes.
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I still remember their crap "Bolt EV delayed 3 months" piece. When they were proven wrong, they deleted the article hoping people would just forget it. What a joke.
This is what whoever "Ken" is posted to me in the comments section of that "Bolt EV delayed 3 months" BS article:

My original comment: Irresponsible, blogging at it's worst.
When GM does indeed deliver Bolts later this year, make sure to post an apology to your readers for misleading them.

"Ken: Wrong. The information about a delay is completely accurate - no preorders until 3 months later than promised and further strong indication that there will be no deliveries to the public until the spring of 2017.

So it is you that should actually apologize."

I'm still waiting for my apology. ;) They actually changed the title of the article first (from "Bolt delayed 3 months" to "Bolt pre-order timing delayed 3 months"), then completely pulled the article outright when it was clear their article was 100% wrong. Lol

Suffice to say, don't expect a "hands on" review of the Bolt by Cleantechnica anytime soon...unless they buy one themselves, as they are now probably on the bottom of the list for media drives. ;)
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1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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