Some recently published numbers about Volt prototype production volume are inaccurate.

First, though the Detroit Press reported the 74th car was the final Volt prototype built at GM's pre-production plant in Warren, according to Bob Warner, GMs Director Global Pre-Production Operations, it was actually the 80th.

"The 80 vehicles we built are now entering the next stage of development, which includes a series of crash tests, developmental drives, battery checks, climate tests and other measures we take to make sure the production vehicles meet our high standards," he said.

Also, we reported that GM is preparing to begin building the next phase of Chevy Volts called pre-production or validation vehicles at the full scale production plant in Hamtramck Michigan next quarter.

Volt vehicle line engineer Tony Posawatz told us GM will build cars in "the two to three thousand range" of volume.

This led some of us to wonder what would become of all those cars if they weren't saleable, as it seemed a rather high volume for prototypes.

When asked about that, it turned out Mr Posawatz wasn't referring to PPVs with that number.

"The (PPV) number is much smaller," he said. "It is easy to get caught up in terminology, certainly less than 100 non-saleable units beginning with PPV's (will be built)."

Thus once those non-saleable PPVs have been built and the process for building them well understood and the tools for making them completed, GM will begin cranking out final Volts in significant volume.

It is therefore those Volts for sale that GM will build 2000 to 3000 of in the 2010 calendar year.