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"The cityZENN is planned to be a fully certified, highway capable vehicle with a top speed of 80MPH and a range of 250 Miles. Powered by EEStor, with industrial power the cityZENN will recharge in less than five minutes, feature operating costs 1/10th of a typical internal combustion engine vehicle, and be 100% emission free! The Zero-Emission, No-Noise cityZENN will be designed to meet the transportation requirements of a large percentage of drivers worldwide.

"The cityZENN is expected to be available in the European and/or Asian markets in fall 2009, and soon thereafter in the USA (where the process for passing safety tests takes longer). The cityZENN is expected to be priced in the $25-30,000 range.

I have no engineering knowledge, but I know that GM is already busy designing the Battery Management System (BMS) for the Volt, planned for 2010 introduction. So shouldn't ZENN be doing something similar, especially as the ZENN "battery", EEStor EESU, will have anywhere from 300 to 3500 Volts in it. That voltage must be stepped down to the 300 Volts or so that the motor needs.

Are there already units like that out there, so ZENN just has to go buy one? I think ZENN has indicated that they are talking to some auto makers, but the drive and electronics have not been mentioned at all. Does the EEStor EESU include the BMS?

I must say that I am not holding my breath about ZENN coming out with the cityZENN in 2009, even if EEStor starts shipments in 2008 (which is starting to look very iffy also, even if they happen not to be a scam).
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