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Chrysler Pacifica

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So my dealer is trying to steer me towards a Pacifica instead of a Volt. The think goes 33 miles on charge alone, which is comparable to a gen 1 Volt. That means around town it costs the same to drive this as a Volt. Aside from the fact that it's a big, ugly mini-van, what's not to like? It seems like the best of both worlds.
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As a person who has owned a first year Chrysler product, I would strongly suggest you do not buy anything first year from Chrysler. If you look at brand reliability reports, Chrysler is pretty much at the bottom of the list.

With that said, when searching for the above information, I came across another CR page that said the Volt was not recommended due to it's declining reliability. So there's that to consider.
I'm not a big CR fan, and obviously your results may vary. But I've owned several Chrysler products, including a first year Dodge, and never had any problems.
My experience with Dodge was one of the factors that led me to the purchase of the Volt. I spent so much time performing maintenance on it that I got sick of doing it. They cheaped out on many parts - and they got sued for it as well. But I digress.

Does anyone know what kind of BMS is in the Pacifica? Whether it has adequate top/bottom buffers like the Volt? My biggest worry about this vehicle, being a first year model AND being their first electrified vehicle, is how well they protect the battery from premature failure.
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