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Chrysler Pacifica

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So my dealer is trying to steer me towards a Pacifica instead of a Volt. The think goes 33 miles on charge alone, which is comparable to a gen 1 Volt. That means around town it costs the same to drive this as a Volt. Aside from the fact that it's a big, ugly mini-van, what's not to like? It seems like the best of both worlds.
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Being a daily driver with a 60 mile to/from commute I average 48~50 miles per charge on my 2013 Gen 1 Volt, so the 33/35 miles is not really equal. I agree with the others here on Chrysler and their first year reliability problems. I'm not a fan of vans and especially mini-vans, but to each his own. I picked up my used Volt for $16K and 21K miles on it. Makes for a quick pay off and a nice car to drive for the next 6 years until I retire, and saving a ton of money over what my Chevy Avalanche 2500 (8.1L) does with gasoline.
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