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Chrysler Pacifica

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So my dealer is trying to steer me towards a Pacifica instead of a Volt. The think goes 33 miles on charge alone, which is comparable to a gen 1 Volt. That means around town it costs the same to drive this as a Volt. Aside from the fact that it's a big, ugly mini-van, what's not to like? It seems like the best of both worlds.
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I was and am seriously considering the Pacifica. Having said that, I am simply going to be VERY patient. I was hoping to lease, but could never get a straight answer, and it kept looking like the leases were going to be WAY more expensive than i would ever be willing to pay. If all goes well, I may purchase one in two or three years. Or I might lease if the lease rates come way down. It seems to be an excellent machine that is getting great reviews. My wife and I actually talked about this in great detail and simply decided to keep her Saturn Outlook for now and trade my 2012 Volt for a 2016 if the price was right. Well, the price was very right so I purchased a 2016 Premier Volt for a total cost of 8,350 excluding taxes (and including the tax credit). I couldn't have come close to that with the Chrysler at the moment. Maybe in a year or two...
Has there been any official word from FCA what happens when the A/C is turned on? Is the compressor an electric unit? Or does the engine have to run?
AC is electric; however, heat is kind of mixed. It does have an electric heater, but if a lot of heating is needed, it will fire up the engine to assist.
How did you come to this conclusion? I would estimate the Pacifica to be heavier than the Volt. The means it takes more energy to move it from point A to point B.
Basically the Pacifica Hybrid meets the original Volt. The EPA estimates 33 miles all electric for the Van and the original Volt was rated at 35. I would call that close enough.
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