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Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

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I put in my order for a 2018 Pacifica Limited on Sept. 9.

Its been a bit of a journey. My wife was initially dead set against another Chrysler product, until she had a chance to see the PacHy at the Detroit auto show in January and to test drive it in early June.

We were all set to get a 2017 in June, but the dealer couldn't do a trade for the colour we wanted. So I found one myself at another dealer.

Then the recall. FCA Canada wouldn't allow the vehicle to be sold without the recall addressed. So we reserved it with the dealer, and he was going to let us know when we could pick it up.

After all this waiting, we decided to order a 2018 on Saturday from the local dealer (different than the one we had reserved at). On Monday the other dealer calls and says we can pick up the car. Sorry, we decided to order new.

Now the factory is entering a planned shutdown for retooling starting Oct. 2 for 4 weeks. But we'll get it eventually.

It'll be nice to be a 2-plug-in family. If only there were a plug-in that could tow a fifth wheel, we'd be all set.
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A plug-in mini van is certainly appealing, but I'm not prepared to roll the dice on their quality control. But kudos to you for taking a chance on a Chrysler, I'm not brave enough to do it. I hope ownership is more trouble-free than the buying process has been for you.
Somebody has to be the guinea pig. Thank you breezy for doing this in the interest of science.

I do want a 5 or 7 passenger PHEV with cargo capability, but in the form of an SUV not a minivan. My family has standing orders to shoot me if I buy a minivan. And it turns out my youngest is a sharpshooter with a sniper rifle.
I will truly be interested when someone does an AWD pure BEV van that has at least 250 mile range and fast charging. I wonder who will be first to build this?
Isn't the Model X100 pretty close? Yes, it is styled more like an SUV, but flatten all the seats and you'be got the cargo space. If course you can buy 2 pacificas for the price of the biggest batteries model X.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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