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Chrysler Pacifica EVSE - Handles 240v?

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Trying to figure out whether the Pacifica's EVSE can handle 240v just like the Gen2 Volt's EVSE. I found a picture of it here, but it's just the outer case. I'm not sure if that gives any useful information:
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I'm on the Pacifica forums trying to get a new owner to volunteer to open it up and take pics to post. Would that be enough for you?
Intertek 400982. If it doesn't handle it with just an adapter, I think it'll handle it via internal mod - but this information is NOT GUARANTEED by any means. It looks like that model was included with some G1 Volts, as well.
Correction: Intertek 4000982
So are they finally selling these things? Nice!
Yep, some have even taken delivery here on the East Coast. Many more are tracking their orders, just like some here are doing with their Bolts.
In a new development, FCA has indeed sourced their EVSEs for the Fiat 500e and the Pacifica PHEV from Lear. They do work on dual voltage, just like the late 2014-2015 Volt EVSEs, also from Lear.
Oh cool, good to know! So your adapter will work for these as well. Do you have a link to a source for that?
1 - 5 of 19 Posts
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