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Choosing between 2 used volts

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So I'm the market for a volt and pricing wise used seems more in my budget.

Im looking at 2 used cars, and im having trouble deciding

2017 Volt LT - 56,000km - $28k


2016 Volt Premier - 9,800km - $31k

So here's my biggest worry 9,800km for a 2016 doesn't make sense, maybe if its a dealer test drive car, but then my worry is that gas engine might have sat for months unused with stale gas. The 2017 has quite a bit of KMs on it.


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Ahh ok, so in that case I'm thinking the 2016 would be a better deal with steer assist and adaptive cruise control, and im guessing itll still have warranty at that many kms on it. As for the price im planning to haggle :) but 22k US is 32k Canadian so its close price wise. There's also a 2018 with 26km on it but LT $32k, which im also considering but I don't think they will budge as much on the price since its a 2018.

Thanks for the info!
In June this summer, I got a used 2017 LT in Hamilton 24,988 km for $24K. CAD
It came with 4 snow tires (just had them put on today) and a 3? year extended warranty.
Did have a couple of scratches on one side but as some others have reported (pre-dinged) is a benefit.
Had a few minor issues with it under warranty so far. Certainly love the car.
Wow that's a good price! I wish there was something like that around me, I'm in Montreal, and there's really not much on Autotrader in the area. How did you find the car?
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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