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Choosing between 2 used volts

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So I'm the market for a volt and pricing wise used seems more in my budget.

Im looking at 2 used cars, and im having trouble deciding

2017 Volt LT - 56,000km - $28k


2016 Volt Premier - 9,800km - $31k

So here's my biggest worry 9,800km for a 2016 doesn't make sense, maybe if its a dealer test drive car, but then my worry is that gas engine might have sat for months unused with stale gas. The 2017 has quite a bit of KMs on it.


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I'm looking for a used Premier Volt with ACC but not in a hurry. Prices are stupid high right now in Ontario now that the rebates are gone.
Wish the federal government was on their game.
I was thinking that used Volt prices would go up here once the federal tax credit phases out. I tried to buy a used 2017 in Seattle and I was third in line. A guy was flying in from somewhere, another guy was taking a bus down from Vancouver BC. I asked what kept the price low in spite of the demand, and he said it was the federal tax credit, which is why I decided to go with a new 2018 with a $5500 discount off MSRP. He felt used prices would gradually rise as the tax credit phased out. It seemed logical to me.
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