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Choosing between 2 used volts

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So I'm the market for a volt and pricing wise used seems more in my budget.

Im looking at 2 used cars, and im having trouble deciding

2017 Volt LT - 56,000km - $28k


2016 Volt Premier - 9,800km - $31k

So here's my biggest worry 9,800km for a 2016 doesn't make sense, maybe if its a dealer test drive car, but then my worry is that gas engine might have sat for months unused with stale gas. The 2017 has quite a bit of KMs on it.


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LOTS of Volt owners seldom use the gas engine - When it NEEDS to run, it will. It's programmed for maintenance runs when needed. Could be the '16 actually has more engine hours on it than the '17 which has many more miles. I would not worry too much about the engine miles on either car, nor would I give weight to one over the other

I didn't do the US to Canadian dollar exchange, but both seem fairly high priced to me. For reference, about 6 months ago I bought a fully loaded used '17 (all options including ACC and premium paint - $41.5K sticker) with 22K on it for USD $25K

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