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Choosing between 2 used volts

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So I'm the market for a volt and pricing wise used seems more in my budget.

Im looking at 2 used cars, and im having trouble deciding

2017 Volt LT - 56,000km - $28k


2016 Volt Premier - 9,800km - $31k

So here's my biggest worry 9,800km for a 2016 doesn't make sense, maybe if its a dealer test drive car, but then my worry is that gas engine might have sat for months unused with stale gas. The 2017 has quite a bit of KMs on it.


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In June this summer, I got a used 2017 LT in Hamilton 24,988 km for $24K. CAD
It came with 4 snow tires (just had them put on today) and a 3? year extended warranty.
Did have a couple of scratches on one side but as some others have reported (pre-dinged) is a benefit.
Had a few minor issues with it under warranty so far. Certainly love the car.
Wow that's a good price! I wish there was something like that around me, I'm in Montreal, and there's really not much on Autotrader in the area. How did you find the car?
Auto Trader! There were quite a few listed at that time both in Ontario and Quebec. None here in Manitoba and possibly some very high priced in BC. I really did not know all that much about Volts. Had just decided against buying a Tesla M3 as no charging infrastructure the way I travel. Think Minot ND
Was going to buy from a dealer in Ottawa until I read his Better Business report. Then in North Bay, but there were tax issues, so I went private with this deal. VERY GLAD I did. We ended up flying to T.O., bus to Hamilton, picking up the car, visiting friends in London for a few days and then driving back learning the car. Best car I have ever owned.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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