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I was recently (this past weekend) looking at my options for getting a Volt. I could keep my 2005 Toyota Tacoma and finish out the 3 years I still owe on it. OR seeing that it's woth more than TWICE what I owe right now trade it on a new car.

I loved the truck but it was killing me in gas (17 mpg or less). I do mostly city driving and use it as a truck very little. The truck was 3 years old and only had 26k miles on it. If the price of gas keeps going up it is only going to hurt more and more. And I don't see it being drasticly cheaper in 3 to 4 years when the Volt hits the streets, probably more.

Also I took into account the fact that the info from GM changes every couple of weeks. It now looks to me that the Volt will be out of my price range, I just can't do more than $35K on the next ride.

So.... I went to see my sister-in-law who sells Toyotas and bought a brand new 2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid.... FULLY LOADED!!! (Leather, GPS/NAV/Bluetooth, yada yada yada... Sticker was just under $32K and it has every major option Toyota has. My payments are only $4 more than my truck was too :) (it pays to know people who sell cars)

I will miss the trucks 4 wheel drive in wintrer, it was a tank and would go anywhere. But I paid for it ever time I filled up all year long.

So I look down the road to 2011 or 2012 and I think I will be in a good spot to trade again. I have a VERY nice car with all the toys thats quite good on gas. It will only have around 25k to 30k miles on it by then.

Hopefully GM makes the Volt affordable. If it goes much over $35K I'm out of the game. Maybe Toyota will counter with a plug-in Camry for 2012??? I want GM to pull this out, I want to buy a Volt.

Only time will tell, but I just cut my monthly gas bill in HALF.

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