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Chime volume setting not working on 2017 Volt.

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I have adjusted the Chime volume setting several times, off, low, mid, and high but the volume of the chime when I start the car without having seat belt on is always quite loud. What does the chime volume adjust?

MY 2017 Volt.


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On our 2017 it works but you can't shut it off. IMO minimum is loud and maximum is painfully loud. Must be a safety feature!

There is also an audio cue control for the startup/shutdown swoosh. It can be set to off.
There is also audio auto level which can be set to increase the volume based on speed and background noise and a audio start volume which will return the volume to a preset lower level than the last trip.
Finally there is a audio maximum volume setting as part of the "teen driver" settings.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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