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Chicago Dealer Strike

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Mechanics at auto dealers have been on strike in the Chicago area for almost two months now. Including all the chevy dealers near me. My Volt is a 2012 with 145k miles, not under any kind of warranty anymore. Of course as luck would have it I suddenly have a "service stabilitrak" error and ABS warning light is on. I was giving it a couple weeks hoping this strike would be resolved so I could take it in, but no luck. The strike continues. What are my service options?
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Have the 12 Volt Battery tested with a Conductance tester. (Voltage test doesn't show fault soon enough).
The AC Delco Factory Battery is rated at 650 CCA's and has ***silver composition*** which makes it cost somewhat more, but that is how the network speeds work best.

I would proactively replace old 4 year old batteries when 625 CCA's or less show up.
When fully charged and new, much higher CCA's might show as tested with a conductance tester.
(A memory saver is *very* highly recommended to save all adapted values, especially the older the vehicle and higher the mileage.)
Never use grease or coat the terminals, and the clamp nut torque has to be the exact specification and not ever loose.
Never connect anything else to the battery, the loads will interfere with data capacitance requirements.

The best bet is to just have the dealer install a new one at the oil change or tire rotation when 4 years or 625 CCA's or lower are tested. That could save a test fee.
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