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Chicago Dealer Strike

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Mechanics at auto dealers have been on strike in the Chicago area for almost two months now. Including all the chevy dealers near me. My Volt is a 2012 with 145k miles, not under any kind of warranty anymore. Of course as luck would have it I suddenly have a "service stabilitrak" error and ABS warning light is on. I was giving it a couple weeks hoping this strike would be resolved so I could take it in, but no luck. The strike continues. What are my service options?
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What's your 12V battery voltage? Has it ever been replaced?
Thanks for the replies, I do remember reading about an old 12V battery possibly causing errors so I will check that and replace first and if not, then hopefully the strike is over next week as reported.
Make sure to replace it with an AGM battery.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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