[ad#post_ad]As we reach the summit of production Volt launch, the Chevy marketing machine begins to ramp up.

GM is serious about selling this car and has high hopes it is the tip of the spear for future generations of electric cars to come. Though only 10,000 to 15,000 units will be produced in 2011, in the interest of being cautious, after that the company will ramp up to march demand.

We hope demand will be high, but at present it is uncertain, as GM isn't announcing how many orders it has taken.

According to Automotive News, Volt marketing chief Tony DiSalle said over half of the people who have ordered a Volt are first time buyers of a Chevrolet brand vehicle. He would not give specific numbers nor say whether any of these so-called conquest sales had purchased other GM brands in the past.

DiSalle also reported that the very first Volts would go to customers, not dealerships. Dealership demo models, one of which each Volt dealer is required to have on hand, won't start being delivered until February of next year.

Today the company has unveiled one of two new TV commercials for the Volt that will appear during the World Series which begins tonight. This represents the premiere of national high profile prime-time Volt advertising. Along with the ads the new Volt tag line, "its more car than electric," is debuted.

Part of this Volt advertising blitz is intended to draw in showroom traffic to Chevy dealers. Even if people don't or can't buy Volts right away, it is hoped they may buy other cars like the Cruze.

“I hope there are redundancies with dealers,” said DiSalle.

GM will also be debuting several Chevrolet ad spots during the series which feature the new Chevrolet tagline "Chevy Runs Deep."

“The World Series is a defining piece of American culture,” said Joel Ewanick, vice president, U.S. Marketing. “It has a story, a soul and a connection to every generation – just like Chevrolet. You can’t get a better fit than Chevy and baseball. It’s the perfect opportunity to talk about Chevy’s commitment to America and showcase our newest cars, trucks and crossovers.”

“As we prepare for Chevrolet’s centennial in 2011, we’re beginning a new chapter in Chevy history,” Ewanick said. “This is a brand that has touched all Americans. We’re proud of our heritage and eager to let people know how we can create a better future through vehicles like the Cruze, Volt and other fuel-efficient models that will be coming soon, including a new sub-compact car and the Spark. We believe this campaign provides a great platform to tell that story.”

Check out the first exclusive showing of the new Volt commercial below called "Anthem" which celebrates all the different freedoms driving a Volt can provide and tell us what you think.

Source ( Automotive News )