Model:2011 Chevrolet Volt
Body style / driveline:front-wheel-drive, five-door hatchback extended-range electric vehicle
Construction:single body-frame-integral (unibody) with front and rear crumple zones; galvanized steel front fenders; hood, roof, door panels; one-piece bodyside outer panel; thermal plastic olefin (TPO) bumper fascias
Key competitors:Nissan Leaf, Toyota Prius, clean diesels, mid-luxury sport sedans
Manufacturing location:Hamtramck Assembly, Hamtramck, Mich.
Battery manufacturing location:Brownstown Township, Mich.
Battery system
Type:rechargeable energy storage system comprising multiple linked modules
Size/case:5.5-foot-long T-shaped; glass-filled polyester structural composite with aluminum thermal radiation shield and steel
Mass (lb / kg):435 / 198.1
Battery chemistry:lithium-ion
Thermal system:liquid active thermal control
Cells:288 prismatic
Combined electric/extended driving range:Up to 350 miles
Warranty:eight years / 100,000 miles
Type:1.4L DOHC I-4
Displacement (cu in / cc):85.3 / 1398
Bore & stroke (in / mm):2.89 x 3.25 / 73.4 x 82.6
Block material:cast iron
Cylinder head material:cast aluminum
Valvetrain:overhead camshafts; four valves per cylinder, continuously variable intake and exhaust cam phaser
Ignition system:Individual coil-on-plug – cassette type
Fuel delivery:sequential multi-port fuel injectors with electronic throttle control
Compression ratio:10.5:1
Output (kW / hp @ rpm):63 / 84 @ 4800 (est.)
Max engine speed (rpm):4800 (est.)
Emissions controls:close-coupled catalytic converters; 58x ignition system; returnless fuel rail; fast light-off O2 sensor
Recommended fuel:premium required
EPA fuel economy:93 MPGe, 37 (gas only)
Electric drive
Type:electric, two-wheel, front-drive
Motors (two);drive motor, 111 kW; generator motor, 54 kW
Transaxle:Voltec electric drive system
Power (kW / hp):111 / 149
Torque: (lb-ft/Nm):273 / 368
Charging times
120 V:about 10-12 hours (actual charge times may vary)
240 V:about 4 hours (actual charge times may vary)
Top speed (mph):100
EV range (city):25 to 50 (based on EPA city cycle and depending on terrain, driving techniques and temperature)
EV / Extended range:up to 350 miles including EV on fully charged battery and full tank of fuel
Front:independent MacPherson strut-type with side-loaded strut modules, specially tuned coil springs, direct-acting hollow stabilizer bar; hydraulic ride bushings
Rear:speciallyadapted compound crank (torsion beam) with double-walled, U-shaped profile at the rear; specifically tuned coil springs, hydraulic bushings
Chassis control:four-channel ABS; all-speed traction control; StabiliTrak; drag control
Steering type:rack-mounted electric power steering with ZF steering gear
Steering wheel turns, lock-to-lock:2.8
Turning circle, curb-to-curb

(ft / m):
36 / 11
Steering ratio:15.36
Type:power four-wheel vented disc with ABS; electro-hydraulic; fully regenerative to maximize energy capture; dynamic rear brake proportioning
Brake rotor diameter front (mm / in):300 /11.8; vented, single 60-mm front / rear piston w/ steel body caliper
Brake rotor diameter rear

(mm / in):
292 / 11.5; vented; steel body caliper with single 38-mm piston
Total swept area

(cu cc / pad area):

Wheel size and type:17 x 7-in. lightweight, forged, painted aluminum alloy; five-lug (std.)

17 x 7-in. lightweight, forged, polished aluminum alloy; five-lug (opt.)
Tires:Goodyear Fuel Max P215/55R/17 low-rolling resistance BSW; all-season
Wheelbase (in / mm):105.7 / 2685
Overall length (in / mm):177.1 / 4498
Overall width (in / mm):70.4 / 1788
Track width front (in / mm):61.2 / 1556
Track width rear (in / mm):62.1 / 1578
Height (in / mm):56.3 / 1430
Front overhang (in / mm):39.0 / 993
Rear overhang (in / mm):32.2/ 820
Seating capacity (front / rear):2 / 2
Headroom (front / rear, in. / mm):37.8 / 960; 36.0 / 914
Shoulder room (front / rear, in / mm):56.5 / 1435; 53.9 / 1369
Hip room (front / rear, in / mm):53.7 / 1365; 51.2 / 1301
Legroom (front / rear, in / mm):42.0 / 1067; 31.0 / 866
Cargo volume (cu ft / L):10.6 / 300.2

Curb weight (lb / kg);
Generator cooling (qt / L):7.7 / 7.3
Battery pack cooling (qt / L):7.4 / 7.0
Power electronics cooling

(qt / L):
3.1 / 2.9
Fuel tank (gal / L):9.3 / 35.2
Engine oil w/ filter (qt / L):3.7 / 3.5
Drive unit fluid (qt / L):8.93 / 8.45
Wheel nut torque (lb-ft / Nm):100 / 140
Coefficient of drag (Cd):.287 (est.)