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Chevy Volt LT Lease price - $30650 (before standard rebates) in MD

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I was offered a Volt LT for a sale price of $30650 (i.e. about $4K below MSRP), but I'm not able to take advantage of it, so my loss is one of yours gains. This has the standard Volt LT lease rebates that total to $7150 and whatever other rebates you have access to.

This is a great price. It's the standard Volt MF and RV calculations. The fees are

995 destination
300 processing
350 MD tags
+ taxes

he was even willing to go lower for me if I was able to sign and drive today (hence the really excellent deal I'm losing out on). But you have room to negotiate, especially if its a slow day for them, but can't promise anything there.
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