Yes I know Bob Lutz sold all his GM stock and GM is considering moving out of its Detroit headquarters, and faces highly probable bankruptcy in less than three weeks, but how about some music?

Singer/Songwriter Sarah Spiegel (shown above) wrote me to hear a Chevy Volt jingle she produced. Sarah was a national spokesperson for General Motors last summer and is currently recording a CD and writing jingles.

She says some GM execs have heard this.

You can hear it by playing the audio file at the bottom of the post.

Once I had a guzzler,
I could not afford,
It cost me more every day.

Once I had a guzzler,
Now it’s gone,
Chevy Volt’s here to stay.

Don’t you remember?
It was "filler up"?
So much we couldn't‘ pay?

Don't you remember
Where all your money went?
E flex came and saved the day.

Chevy Volt! Chevy Volt, leaves me money for play.
Chevy Volt! Chevy Volt, Chevy Volt's here to stay.

Performed by Sarah Spiegel
Lyrics by Sarah Spiegel
Music by Eddie Hedges

And if there are any other singer/songwriters out there why not give it a shot too? Maybe we can hold a contest for the best Chevy Volt jingle.