[ad#post_ad]We learned previously that GM was working to produce mobile phone applications unique to the Chevy Volt.   GM has now just unveiled the details of those apps at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Los Vegas and has made demonstration versions available to the public for download.

There will be apps for the iPhone, the Blackberry and, the Droid. There will also be a web-browser interface.

The apps will integrate into the Volt's OnStar system enabling both groundbreaking vehicle remote control operations as well as information retreival.

The apps will permit the following real-time remote operations:
1. Display the car's charging status and schedule charging. There is also an immediate "charge now" override option
2. Display of the car' state of charge, as well as electric and total ranges
3. Allow the driver to program grid-friendly charging times, so as to charge only when rates are low
4. Give the driver text or email notifications if the car wasn't plugged in
5. Let the driver remotely precondition the vehicle's cabin temperature using grid electricity when plugged in, operates both heating and air conditioning
6. Notify the driver if charging is for some reason interrupted, and when its fully charged
7. Display the car's historic fuel economy performance data in mpg, electric only miles, and odometer reading

“The Chevrolet Volt ushers in a new era of automotive technology and calls for a new level of connectivity and control,” said Walt Dorfstatter, president, OnStar. “Nearly 6 million vehicles on the road today use OnStar to stay connected, and our new smartphone app will make that even easier for Volt drivers.”

The capability of controlling OnStar functions via the mobile applications leads to other groundbreaking opportunities for the vehicle. The doors can be locked and unlocked remotely, and the lights flashed and horn blown for vehicle localization in a large parking area.

Volt owners can also opt-in for monthly Volt diagnostics reports which will also be archived on the Volt owners unique website.

Demonstration versions of the apps for Blackberry and Droid can be downloaded here: OnStarMobileDemo.com

The iPhone app is available on the iTunes store .

Two words: freakin' awesome!

( GM Press Release [pdf] )