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Hi Everyone,

This is my first post in these forums, but I've been getting information about Chevy Volts for some time.

I'm in the process of getting a used 2014/2015 Volt or a new 2017 Volt. I'm getting the Volt within 5 weeks and I've been researching both G1 and G2 Volts.

The G1 Volt seems to have been a very reliable car, at least judging from long-term reviews by journalists and G1 owners on this site.

The G2 Volt is certainly a major improvement over the G1 in many areas. But given that G2 has been mostly re-designed, I'm concerned about the reliability on a new car design. Even as the G2 is considered an evolution over the G1, I consider it a new product and as such its engineering or parts selection may have not been ironed out yet.

I have read a few threads on these forums about G2 Volts breaking down while driving and asking the driver to put the car in park.

Chevy seems to be doing a great job at servicing the G2 Volts, but if these are design or parts issues, it may take until 2018 models for Chevy to fix these problems.

What are your thoughts about reliability between G1 and G2 Volts?
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