A report out of Autocar (UK) is entitled Chevrolet Volt in final phase.

The author explains a bit more about the current shift from Malivolt prototypes to the new vintage Andrew Farah recently told us about.

The article claims the new prototypes will be an Astra-derived package, indeed the article defines the Volt itself as Astra-derived.

It is noted that the Volt's control systems comprised 20 different processors that will eventually combine into "one unique architecture".

Furthermore the author seems to know that the Volt will weigh around 3520 lbs (1600 kg, something we've never been told) and have a weight distribution of about 50:50 (a fact we've heard before).

As we know, representative powertrain will meet representative body sometime next year, and so the report notes that GM expects to show off a near ready car at an auto show in late 2009.

Source ( Autocar )