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Chevy Bolt is also the Car Connections Best electric car to buy in 2017!

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Green Car Reports has awarded the Chevy Bolt as their best car to buy

And so the Car Connection!
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Honestly, for a primary car the Volt should still be better over-all vehicle until the charging network becomes more established. Especially for those without their own 240v electrical connection (ie, apartments, condos, etc).
Maybe for you but there are millions who can buy and use the Chevy Bolt EV as a primary car, and never burn gasoline. I am one of them and I built my own Level 2 EVSE at home that was set for 7.2 kW two years ago (see my signature and forum post), which by luck is the Bolt EV's charging rate.

I saw the future and I am ready for it!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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